@SimonWoods Really? I've been using Bookshelves in Epilogue mainly and I've thought that for it to track something as read for the reading goal, I needed to have a separate post about it.

@jean That's the solution I'm drawn to but with the reading tracker, I was hoping there'd be a way for me to have books tracked as read but without a separate post on my blog. At the moment, it looks like reading tracking will have to remain in Goodreads

@manton How much would existing spam filters help with managing DMs? I imagine that something like Spamassassin would be helpful to separate out spam. The strategy I've seen to separate out DMs that have not been approved is something that could work too (DMs from people you've approved and then everything else)

@purisubzi Very much looking forward to the full piece

@jsonbecker Explosions in the Sky got me through college. Still hits so hard