@purisubzi How does it taste? I've had some of the pour over bags from Blue Tokai but I found them to be a little too weak. (I'm very curious as to how a French Press stops working. Have you by any chance tried a Clever dripper? They're amazing)

@rom Ah I see. Depending on your budget (and how deep in this rabbit hole you would like to go), upgrading the grinder would be a good bet. I've also found this video quite interesting on optimizing the picopresso: www.youtube.com/watch (if you haven't already seen it that is)

@rom Out of curiosity, what grinder and grind setting are you using?

@jean I walk around the local area here regularly. It's become a nice part of the day.

@jean 🙋‍♂️☕️

@jean I am so sorry! This sounds terrifying, trying to get back control. I hope you feel better soon!